3 Quick Tips for Garage Door Repair & Maintenance in Issaquah

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3 Quick Tips for Garage Door Repair & Maintenance in Issaquah

Keeping your garage doors in top shape is actually pretty important. But it’s usually one of those things you never think about until it’s too late.

It’s important to check your garage doors on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear.

With that in mind, here are three key tips you can use to make sure your garage doors are working properly.

#1 Check Door Balance

Check your garage door balance if it’s having a hard time opening or closing itself. Often, it’s hard to determine where a door might be off balance. When you open and close the door, pay special attention to any spots where it might be off kilter.

#2 Check Door Rollers

These are the little wheels that help your door to go up and down the track. These rollers work hard so it’s important to check for any abnormalities in each of them.

#3 Check Lubrication

Keeping your door performing at its peak is includes lubricating all hinges, springs, and jambs. Like any machinery, garage doors run best when well lubricated.

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