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They arrived on time, listened to my “issues”, had all the parts and equipment needed, fixed the problem, and all is well. Both men were clean, professional-looking, and very pleasant. Best of all, my door works again!

-Jacque B, Arlington

Pleased with the quality of workmanship and the spring itself. Quick, professional…gave me a courtesy call prior to coming by.The tips he gave me regarding the existing electric garage door opener were very helpful…felt he was acting in my best interest and trying to save me $$, yet make sure it would be working properly and not put undue tension on the garage door spring again.

VERY HAPPY with company…would use again!

-Dean Z, Auburn

Loren and Rod are a couple of pros, they assessed the problem, fixed it, gave me a couple handy tips to make my door last longer, all for the price of the service call. They didn’t try to sell me things I did not need. When the need arises I will use Door Works again, and recommend them highly! Thanks!

-Barry S, Bellevue


Victor diagnosed the problem immediately.  Because the wrong springs had been installed previously, the door was out of alignment and unable to fully open.   He made adjustments to the opener and lubricated all rollers, joints, etc.  At this point the door worked fine.

He did inform me that I would be faced with the same problem at some point.  I decided to have the springs replaced now and not wait for the inconvenience of dealing with this again.

There was absolutely no pressure to do it.  At no cost, he replaced a safety cable and sheaves and lubricated my other garage door.  I asked if he would put back the light cover that had fallen off months ago.  He said he’d do it, but recommended leaving it off as he has seen too many covers fall and damage the car below.

-Sandy K, Bellevue


One of the springs had broken on my garage door. It wouldn’t go up without the springs working. The technician replaced two springs, the spools and cables, and the rollers in the door. He worked quickly and efficiently. The parts he needed were in his truck.

He was friendly and told me how to service the door and what to watch and listen for. I was very impressed with the quick and complete service that was provided.

-Rich R, Bellevue


I bought the garage door tune-up coupon because our door wasn’t working well and not being the original owner, I was unsure of the door’s history.  It seemed like a good deal as I assumed a regular service call would be much more expensive.

It was great.  They were able to come out the next day.  Victor, who was the technician, was courteous and professional.  He found the problem during the tune-up and fixed it easily.  He came within the promised time frame and was quick, through and a pleasure to work with.  He performed the service that was promised and didn’t try to push anything else.  When he left, I was confident in the work that was performed and the door has worked like a dream since then.  I would definitely use this company again.

-Sarah S, Bellevue


A broken garage door spring and two snapped cables were replaced and the system was then tested. Victor, the technician, was always courteous and worked quickly.  The repair was done within 40 minutes.  Victor also lubricated the rollers in the guide rails and did the same with our other two garage doors.  The Door Works was able to dispatch a technician the same day that I called for a repair service.  I used The Door Works once before and will continue to call on them for any future work.

-Harold V, Bellevue


I found The Door Works on Angie’s List and called them regarding a broken garage door at a rental house.  They were punctual and conscientious in repairing the door and charged less than I was expecting. I was very pleased with their service and will use them again on my house and other rentals that I have to maintain.

I called The Door Works and asked them to call the renters on the property to schedule an estimate/repair. It was arranged quickly, and the renters called to say it had been repaired to their satisfaction a day or two after my initial contact with the Door Works. I was pleased with their professionalism  and the price.  All around, a positive experience.

-Dana H, Bellevue


The repairman, Victor, was at my house on a Friday afternoon within 1 hour of my call to set up an appointment. He was friendly and explained what he was doing. He worked quickly, safely and efficiently. He made sure the door he repaired plus the other door were working properly. I could not have been more pleased with the service.

-Rick R, Bellevue


We purchased a Big Deal from Angie’s list which included Garage Door Reconditioning Plus Roller Replacement for $99.  The Big Deal was a great price & the repairman was very honest as the cost was exactly as promised. It was also very easy to make the appointment via phone.

In addition to the items included with the Angies list deal, I also asked the repairman to tighten the springs because our door was  a bit sluggish. He explained to me that the springs sometimes break when tightened and let me know it would be an additional cost if they broke as this wasn’t included.  I easily agreed to these terms and accepted the risk since this wasn’t included in the pre-paid price.  Luckily the springs did not break-so no extra costs.  The repairman did a great job and I was very happy with his work.  I will definitely use them again.

-Steven F, Bellevue


We have had The Door Works out twice to repair our garage door. They are friendly and professional. The first time our door needed to be reinforced as it had pulled away from the garage door opener arm after years of use. We really appreciated the honest service we received. A few months later we had a completely unrelated problem with our garage door opener and went right to The Door Works to come out and service our door. We will call the again.

Shane O, Bothell


We discovered our garage door wouldn’t open on a Saturday afternoon and saw that one of the large springs was broken. Since our cars were both inside the garage and the door was too heavy to open manually, we began to plan for a car-free weekend. We searched on Angie’s List and contacted the Door Works. Victor answered, said he was on his way to Lynnwood but would come and fix the door afterward. We texted him our information and he was in our driveway within 90 minutes. He quickly replaced both springs, performed some maintenance and walked us through ongoing maintenance items we should take care of. It was a great experience and Victor was a polite lifesaver.

Erin L, Bothell

I identified a local provider of Garage Door Service through Angie’s list.  The good recommendations gave me confidence in my choice of The Door Works/Rod’s Door Repair.  I called them on Monday.  We selected Wednesday for the repair.  They called before arrival as promised and in the agreed time window.  They arrived 15-min after the arrival call.  The technician, Laren, was in uniform and in a nicely marked truck.  He was polite, pleasant, very competent, fast, had the replacement lift cable in his truck (as described in my ordering phone call), and was fully aware of the Angie’s List member coupon.   This experience was excellent.  Thanks to all involved!

Thomas G, Clyde Hill

I called Door Works in the morning about 8:30am on the 19th of Feb after having purchased an Angies Deal for a garage door tune up (I also had a broken spring on the door which needed repaired/replaced).  I talked to Rod and we set up an appt for that very morning!!!  Victor came out before noon and replaced the springs and rollers, oiled and adjusted the system.  It works really nice now, all balanced and quiet.  Great job and great service!!!

Delmar C, Edmonds

Victor was amazing showed up on time, cleaned up after he was done. Showed me everything that needed to be fixed and why. This company is awesome I would highly recommend them if you need any garage door repairs.

Michael P, Everett

The last time my house lost power, I tried pulling open the garage door – extremely difficult due to it being so heavy. Springs were not doing their job – I noticed one spring was not looking too well. I called The Door Works, since I’d used them in 2009 for another house and I was happy with their work, The girl on the phone was friendly & helpful. Victor came out the same day, told me the springs on the door were the incorrect size (hence the door being so unbalanced). By the time he was finished, the door was easy to open and close (when disconnected from opener), door was much quieter too. I’m very happy with their work. 

Rick L, Federal Way

We had been living with one of our garage doors making an inordinate amount of noise. I called Door works and they responded right away and came out the next day. Workman arrived on time when scheduled and was courteous and very helpful. Work was done well and the garage door is soooo quiet. I will definitely use them again.

Suzanne L, Issaquah


I purchased a coupon through Angie’s List and was immediately contacted by the company for an appointment. The technician, Victor, contacted me 20 minutes before he was going to arrive and was right within the time window. He replaced the rollers (?believe that is the name of the part) and also offered to show me how to re-set my garage door. I didn’t even realize I had an exterior garage door opener and had no idea what the code was this being a house new to me. I so appreciate that kind of attention to detail. Service like this is hard to find! I will definitely use them again and recommend to friends.

Carrie Y, Issaquah


The service guy arrived on time, did the tune up, provided some tips and got the job done very quickly. The garage door is working great and it is quieter than before and everything is good.

Anand K, Issaquah

It went well. The man was professional and friendly. He came for a maintenance on my garage door. And was not eager to sell me a new mechanism, since that wasn’t the original intention. Only after I expressed an interest in replacing the machine, did he give me the options and made the replacement. He did a thorough job of the install and oiled the hinges on my door. The thing is unbelievably quiet now and so much more reliable than the old one. (I gave him an A on the price, but I didn’t shop around so I have no comparison.)

Christina C, Kent

They promised and did call me 15 minutes prior to Victor’s arrival so that I don’t need to wait at home which is great. +1. And Victor is both professional and informational and convinced me to install a high life spring. He applied lubrication to both my garage doors and helped clean the hinge/roller a little bit. And even more, he fixed my garage door switch button rather than sale me a new one! That’s another +1.Overall, I’m happy with the service and it worth the extra money comparing to other companies!

Chundong W, Kirkland


In addition to the tune up he saw some other parts that needed replacement but only replaced the ones necessary at this time. I don’t at all feel he tried to sell us something we didn’t need. The doors are now operating smoothly and quietly. We would recommend this company to others.

Michele G, Kirkland


Victor was great!  Excellent value!  Scheduling the appointments was easy and efficient. Victor was on-time for our appointment and explained the coupon service he would perform for his visit.  He pointed out issues he fixed and provided general garage door maintenance guide lines. I will definitely use this company for future work and will recommend them to friends and family. Very pleased with their work!

George M, Kirkland


Professional and courteous over the phone.  Showed up when they said they would.  Repaired door quickly.  Went beyond by helping my wife reprogram a couple of gargae door openers that had not worked for several years.  Although doors are old and really should be replaced they did not try to encourage a sale of new doors.  They got ours repaired for the amount agreed to when it was scheduled.  Very good experience.

Greg M, Kirkland


Victor showed up on time, and quickly assessed the problem door.  Then while he was reviewing the way the doors work, he determine that the settings and limits were wrong, which was even bowing the door in one case.  He successfully tuned both of the doors.  They now work great!  He was quick, professional, and did a great job and the whole service was a good value.

Gary R, Kirkland


Right after I had purchased the coupons, the door works had sent me messages through Angies’ list and asked me for the best times for me to provide the service. They were available for most of times I requested. They arrived right on time. The technician was very friendly and wanted to make sure that I am getting the most for my money. He did a great job, and gave me hints on how to keep the garage doors maintained. I would use their service again. That’s for sure.

-Safaa S, Kirkland


I didn’t know if I needed a new garage door opener  and new door, because of the door being so old .  Other companies have tried to sell me a new door, but Victor said I didn’t need a new door yet, but did tell me some signs to look for when it was time.  He also said I didn’t need a new opener either, just a servicing and some adjustments. The reason I called was the opener wasn’t working, it looked liked something broke, plus my door would not close anymore without  the opener working.  He could have easily gotten more business.  What an honest guy. I will use them when I need the new door.

JoAnne H, Kirkland


The work was done quickly and exceeded my expectations.  They replaced rollers, adjusted spring tensions, and lubricated the garage door opener. The technician carefully explained to me that I had been using the wrong lubricant on my door opener, and even provided a tube of the correct stuff at no charge.  The door now works perfectly.

Elliott D, Kirkland

Replaced 10 rollers on garage door, tightened nuts & bolts, lubricated & waxed everything including the door opener.  Victor did the work.  If I owned a business I would want Victor on my staff.  He was really amazing in doing a complete job with great skill and speed explaining each step as he proceeded. I could not be more impressed.

Ted C, Lake Forest Park


Went great!  Unit is way, way, way quieter (I’m guessing there have been advances in garage door openers since 1968).  Very pleased.  Did not push replacing the other side, which also has the original unit.  Will call company again to replace it once it dies.

Barbara I, Forest Park

Technician was courteous and explained what needed to be repaired. I did upgrade to springs to the thicker and longer model. He did give me the Angie discount. The price would have been even higher than what I expected.

Michele F, Medina

After leaving an email over the week-end, I received an email on the Monday that a slot was open on Tuesday morning – pretty fast turnaround. The technician arrived 20min late but called and apologized, no issue – anyone can get stuck in traffic.

Damien G, Mercer Island

Rod was fast, efficient and did a great job. We are going to build a double garage on another house we own and plan to use The Door Works for the doors on that job. If you need garage doors repaired call the Door Works.

Ed A, Mercer Island, WA

Somebody I called about the spring that I needed for the door gave me their number and said that they were the best and that they sell the best doors. They are in business since 1985. I know the door itself is supposed to be the best. I got their best and it is supposed to have steel on both sides. They brought the door out, put it in, took away the old one and got rid of it and the springs were broke on it. By the time I paid for the springs I might as well have bought a whole door and I did. I don’t think I paid more than $2000 for the door installation and all new hardware. Everything in the door is brand new. They were efficient, they were nice and they were on the spot. They had to order this one special for my door and it took a day to go and get it from one of their other facilities. I am happy with it. They are a great company. I think their price was better than what I could buy from another store that I know. I got a better door and it was just about the same price. They did a marvelous job. They were responsive. They were right on the spot. They came right out here looked at the door, told me what was wrong with my other door and how much it would cost because I busted a spring, round ones, they don’t sell me that kind and they gave me the number of a company. They said that that was who they dealt with. They were punctual. They said they would be out here within two hours and the guys showed up on time. They were very professional. I would use them again in the future.

John S, Mill Creek

Good company to deal with.  The scheduler called promptly, the tech arrived on time and the door has been working well for the last month so I won’t need the 30-day labor warranty that was provided with this service.

Wayne B, Monroe

After reading reviews on Angieslist I decided to give them a call. They came out the same morning I called them. They fixed the garage door and made it smoother opening and closing. They were very professional, efficient and easy to work with.

Bea E, Mukilteo

We couldn’t get the garage door open this morning when it was time to leave for work.  We tried everything we could think of but the door wouldn’t budge.  I called a couple of places that were close and highly rated on Angie’s List but The Door Works was the only company that was available to come out as soon as possible.  One company I called and left a message with didn’t even call back until 2 hours later!  The Door Works were able to come out within 30 minutes of calling however (around 9 am) which I appreciated greatly.  The repairman diagnosed the problem immediately and was able to repair the springs quickly.  We were back up and running in no time.  I will definitely use this company again if we have any future problems.

Heather F, Redmond


They were SO prompt in responding to me. I left a voice message at about 11pm and received a phone call at 8am letting me know someone would be there in about an hour and a half. They arrived right on time and were quick, efficient and professional. My husband and I were really pleased with the repair and the professionalism of the repair man. We would definitely call them again if we need garage door work again. Very pleased. I really appreciated the immediate call back and quick service.

-Charles S, Redmond

Laren could have sold me a new door opener – he told me that I didn’t need one!
That says it all – Honest and Professional!!

Kathleen F, Renton

I assume that A is the best grade.

Mary G,Sammamish


One door was stuck down trapping a car inside the garage.  Called at 8AM, and left a message before office hours.  Ron called back within 10 minutes. Within 90 minutes Victor was there and took care of the repair.  He also adjusted the second door and lubricated both.  Very polite and professional, and a fair price.
Highly recommend this company.

Ralph H, Sammamish


I called just to have someone come out and give me an estimate on one garage door that wasn’t responding to the remote and two doors that were really noisy.  Instead, the repairman was here within hours, did the work quickly and now all my doors work great and they’re a lot quieter .He was friendly, efficient and  he didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need or want. The cost of the service call was minimal. I’m thrilled with the work and would definitely use this provider again. They are already in my phone’s speed dial.

Cynthia S, Sammamish


I called late Friday afternoon because our spring broke on our garage door.  Not only did they show up in an hour and fixed it (thank you, since we were going on vacation the day after) but he lubed the spring on our other door (and the person who took our phone call put in an Angie’s list coupon toward our fee even though I didn’t ask for it or know it existed).

Jim S, Sammamish

(The Door Works) repaired a door that I thought would have to be replaced. They saved me a bundle of money. Everything was on time and as described.

-John B, Seattle


My day started with the garage door stuck half way up. I went to my Angie list under garage doors and found The Door Works, Inc. at 1-800-478-8428 and placed a call.

The friendly voice said they would be able to send a technician out between 9 and noon, TODAY! I received a call back with in 15 minutes, from Victor, he said he would be at my residence shortly.

Upon arrival he quickly surveyed the site and said it would be up and running very soon. By 10:30 the doors were running smoothly. Professional from start to finish!

-Tim F, Seattle


These guys are great. They drove through the Seattle 2012 Snowpocalyse winter storm and did a great job removing the old garage door and installing a new garage door.

Our old garage door opener was Craftsman chain drive from the late eighties and the door was 50 plus years old. The combination was clearly giving up the ghost. The door would open say a foot or two and then reverse shut again. Very frustrating. We ended up having to disconnect the opener from the garage door which was a colossal pain in the rear. I quickly grew tired of feeling like a power lifter from squat lifting the door manually.

I’d repaired the garage door opener 7 months previous for $150 bucks. I didn’t like the idea of being in the same situation again 7 months forward. I believe the old addage applies – penny-wise, pound foolish.

That’s where getting a new garage door enters. I looked up a couple guys on Angie’s List and did the standard 3 bid process. I left a message on the Door Works answering machine on a Saturday and received a call back the same day and had an appointment for a bid the following week.

They were the most responsive of the 3 companies I bid from. One of the contractors took a look at our door frame and since my house was built in 1928 and commented that our garage door frame was not perfectly symmetrical. Needless to say he said he would bid … but I never did get his bid. Maybe this was a blessing.

The Door Works said the same thing about the asymmetrical entrance but said confidently that this was no big deal. We also received a bid from a huge consumer wholesale warehouse chain. Their bid was $200 more than the Door Works and did not include the fancy garage door opener with battery backup.

Ah, the door opener. It’s probably the Rolls Royce of garage door openers. No I don’t work for Liftmaster but if you are curious the 8550 model is the way to go. It came with 3 remotes, a keypad to affix outside our garage and a sensor that plugs in anywhere in your house. If your door is open – it shows a red light and then the garage door can be remotely shut from it. With my old Craftsman I bet any old thief could go to a hardware store and buy a Craftsman opener to get my old door open (well not when it was broke).

For a little more money you can purchase a internet gateway device that hooks into a home based router. There’s a free app in the marketplace to control your lights and garage door from an Android or iPhone. So imagine being at work and being panicked because you can’t remember whether or not you shut the garage door that morning. Note I have since learned the service is free for the first year and $15/year thereafter.

Yeah, yeah those are bells and whistles …that are nice… but the central item I care about most is that the door now opens very quickly and quietly.

As for the quality of work. I was impressed. I mentioned the re-framing earlier. Yes, since I live in a old house with an old garage I did myself a favor and let professionals help out.

It’s hard to describe but they retrofitted the entrance otherwise the door wouldn’t have fit. It took attention to detail and skill that only a journeyman would be able to do in a few hours and a entire weekend or two for a guy like me to finish up.

What I liked was after installation – the installers took 20-30 minutes to train me up on my new door. Aesthetically the door we went with is pretty plain jane – but its 3 ply steel and very sturdy (Amarr H3000). It’s a garage door for pete’s sake at any rate it blends in well with the house and enhances the look in feel of my place.

All in all I would highly recommend the Door Works.

-Jonathan W, Seattle


i had an appointment for service just as the snow storm arrived and I said I was in no rush. I didn’t want them out on the road for my service call. As soon as the snow was gone, I called in the morning for another appointment, got one that same day for 12-3 pm window. Victor called to tell me he was on his way about 1:45 and the whole repair took less than 30 minutes. He was very pleasant and made sure I knew  exactly what was being done and why. I would be happy to recommend them to friends.

Susan E, Seattle


They showed up on time as promised and completed the work in a very timely manner. Was very pleased with their knowledge and price.

Patrick J, Seattle


Excellent.  He worked under a tight time constraint since I had actually double booked appointments that morning.  He got a lot done in a short period of time and provided me with excellent information on maintaining the unit.

Margaret M, Seattle


We were able to get an appointment promptly. Victor called to let us know when he would be arriving and he was exactly on time. He expertly explained each problem, procedure, and repair cost. He showed us step by step the repairs and showed us how the mechanism worked. We are so impressed with his work, knowledge, and professionalism that we will have him install a new garage door opener in 2013!

Lynne S, Seattle


The technician arrived on time on a very very cold day and replaced the broken spring. We asked if he had time to replace the rollers and he did that too. We were worried that we would need to replace the whole thing and were delighted at the service and reasonable costs.

Roselee W, Seattle


They were very responsive. Our garage door broke and flipped over backwards on the pivot points into the garage itself . Both of the rollers broke and were not able to go back into the tracks. We emailed three companies – all were responsive to our email, but only the Door Works was able to come that day. Parts are no longer made for our original wood tilt garage door so we were worried we would need to buy an entirely new door, but Laren was able to use parts for other styles of doors and it works better than ever! It glides open and I no longer worry about the door falling off the track. I would definitely use them again.

David and Claudia C, Seattle

Another company came and told us it would cost thousands of dollars to fix, which we knew was untrue.  We contacted Rod’s and they did the repair for about 100.00 which even included a spare part for the future.

Cindy F, Shoreline

Saw the deal for the tune up on Angie’s list.  Called contact info on Angie’s list, had Katie listed as contact, and Katie was in fact the one who answered the phone personally, she was first point of contact. Told her I wanted to buy the deal, but wanted to see if we could schedule for Friday, before I purchased.  She was super helpful and said she could put me down for 9-noon window.  So I purchased the deal.  Day of – Victor was the tech. He was AWESOME!. On time, even called when he was 15 mins out, courteous and friendly. I asked how long he had been with the cpmpany, he said 9 years! He did a first look and filled me in all what he was going to fix, tune, etc. I like it when the techs tell you what they are going to do, even if you don’t know all the exact details, just the overview is nice to know.  He replaced all rollers, fixed the tension on the spring, adjusted the strength of the open and closing mechanisms.  Super knowledgeable and professional.

Donna S, Snohomish


I bought a deal on Angie’s List for Door Works to service a garage door. Victor arrived on-time and went right to work. He was polite, knowledgeable, and patient with my many questions. He serviced our garage door, and tightened the tension so it would close properly. Victor went above and beyond and was absolutely awesome. I would highly recommend Victor (and Door Works) to everyone. This was my first “hire” off of Angie’s List, and it could not have went better. Thank you Victor!

Brandon M, Snohomish

So very happy we had this service done!  One of our garage doors was getting stuck when closing.  We had The Door Works out to take a look and condition both openers while they were here.  I couldn’t believe what a different it made, both garage doors glide open, and closed with hardly any noise now and the garage door we were originally having issues with is completely fixed.

Very worth the money spent.

Carmen M, Woodinville


They arrived just a couple of hours after we called, completed the work quickly and without issue, and charged a fair price.  Ultimately, they did a quality job, and I actually recommended their services to one of my neighbors.

-Tamara P, Woodinville


Fantastic experience from beginning to end.  The appointment was scheduled quickly and conveniently.  Victor was prompt, friendly, professional and provided top notch service.  I would gladly use this company again.

-Ryan M, Woodinville


Very professional, and on-time, too. For 8 years we have lived with creaky, noisy doors. We can’t beleive how smooth and quiet the doors are now.  Found and fixed all the issues, never tried to up-sell.

-Yvonne B, Woodinville


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