Don’t Wait to Move Before You Buy a New Garage Door

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Don’t Wait to Move Before You Buy a New Garage Door

I have a hard time believing that my family has been in the same house for over twenty two years, but we have.

Our house was built back in the mid sixties so the last twenty two years have been one remodel and upgrade after another.

There are always the normal “joy of home ownership” things like new water heaters, dishwashers and perhaps replacing springs on the Garage Door. But then are the other upgrades and remodels that just plain make you feel a little better about your home.

With some of these projects I am just naive enough to think I can do them myself and sometimes the projects that I do myself are a reality check to remind me that if I want to have it done right I need to call a professional.

The list of things never seems to end and about the time I am near the end of my list I find that some of the earlier projects need redoing. That’s why I am finding it necessary to prioritize which jobs need to be addressed next.

A couple of years ago I found a report done by Remodeling Magazine about the things that can add the greatest value to the house in relation to the cost of the project and guess what?

Right up near the top of the list was a new Garage Door. It was ranked as the #2 just behind replacing the front door. This is really great news when, like me, you sell Garage Doors.

The report was broken down into regions and the west coast or Pacific Region showed the greatest return on investment for new garage doors in the country.

On midrange garage door upgrades the report shows that 92% of the investment is recouped in increased resell value of the home and on upscale garage door replacements the recouped amount is 91%.

That is pretty significant when you consider that not all of the homes out there have the Garage Door on the front of the house; so for those of us who have their Garage Door facing the street, the added value is likely even greater. With so many choices of design, style and colors it’s fun and easy to give your home a real facelift

In the competitive real estate market of the past few years we have seen several homes where we have installed new Garage Doors to ready them for sale. This gives them a real ‘leg up’ on in selling their house and according to Remodeling Magazine they will also get back 92% of their investment.

Unfortunately they will not be around to enjoy their new door. Maybe, just maybe, they should have had The Door Works install a new Garage Door and enjoyed how quiet and safe and good looking their house was instead of just buying a new door for the new owners.

With so many design options that are available since I replaced my Garage Doors fifteen years ago I’m thinking about a more custom look on my own home….but I will do that right after I replace my front door.

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