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Garage Door Openers have come a long way over the years.  They were first invented just prior to World War II but weren’t in common use until after the war.  Those early operators did not have remote controls so it was not a great advantage because you still had to get out of your car and press a button to open the door.  The sinister automatic garage door had a significant role in the old Humphrey Bogart film: ‘They Drive by Night’. I love the old Bogart Movies.

One of the first remote control systems was developed right here in Washington State.  It was simple and opened and shut the garage door but it would also open and shut other doors that were close by.  The technology was first used by the military to detonate bombs remotely.  It would have been a bad thing for a neighbor to be storing their bombs in their garage.

As radio controls got more sophisticated codes were set by a variety of methods including break away tabs, dip switches and even little tuning forks.  These were intended to help secure your door from other radio controls in the neighborhood.  They were a lot better than having no code at all but still had problems with interference from other radio signals and thieves trying to get into homes.

The Door WorksI still remember when Air Force One, the Presidents plane, would be on approach to land; garage doors would be going up and down all along the flight path.  Even more recently here in the Puget Sound area military ships cruising by homes along the shore would cause interference or once in a while would open someone’s garage door.

The newest residential garage door radio controls use a variety of ways to make garage doors more reliable and more secure.  Because any radio frequency interference (RFI) that can come from any number of sources can interfere or even block the signal coming from your remote, innovative changes are being made. Multiple frequencies, codes that change with each operation and remotes that have billions of code combinations are eliminating many of the problems.

In my next post, RFI,  I will talk about  some of things that can be messing with your Garage Door Opener.

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