Garage Door Replacement – How Long Does It Take?

Garage Door Replacement – How Long Does It Take?

Have you seen that Farmers Insurance commercial with the teenage driver slides sideways across the curb, sidewalk and lawn taking out the fence and birdbath?  I love his “sup”.  What they did not show was the sequel when your sweet teen daughter who is just getting her license mistakes the gas pedal for the brake pedal and takes out the entire Garage Door.  You may want to do what the guy in the commercial does and take the keys out of the ignition and throw them as far as you can but instead you say: “it’s OK sweetheart, I’m just glad you weren’t hurt”.  You still have a gaping hole on the front side of your house that needs to be secured as fast as possible. 

We get those calls all the time.  It is usually best to have us come out to find out what can be done.  Often the Door can be put up back in the opening enough to make your house secure when we come to measure and give you a bid on your options.  The cost of the temporary repairs will usually apply to the cost of a new Door. Neighbors might still see the carnage and want to know, much to your daughter’s chagrin, what happened?

Some doors are locally available for replacement while others, not stocked, may require up to three or four weeks to get them in.  Basic raised panel doors are usually available, and under the right circumstances we have been known to get a replacement in the same day. 

With The Door Works, we never subcontract out our installations.  We always do them ourselves, in fact, the owners of the company do most of the installing themselves.  They have been doing it long enough that you know it will be done right.  Most installs take between two to four hours from start to finish and that includes sweeping up the floor and cleaning the greasy fingerprints off the door. 

Call us, and remember, your daughter is more important than the Garage Door.  We can fix the Door and the whole thing  will soon be just a good story. 

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