Garage Doors – To Repair or to Replace?

Garage Doors – To Repair or to Replace?

It is not always clear to know if your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced.  Sometimes the problem looks real bad as in the above picture but are fairly easy to resolve if you know what you are doing. The likely problem here was that the door came down on something and a cable slipped off one of the drums.  Most of the time situations like this have been compounded by someone that is trying to fix it themselves.  What probably happened next was someone looking at the door that was a little out of level and thought: “if I just loosened this screw………….”  It’s like one of those situations with a bad outcome that began with: “Hey, watch this!” If the door didn’t have any structural damage before it may now.

The majority of garage doors manufactured are not car bumper proof. I saw one once but it was definitely not residential. On occasion when a door is hit it will just get blown out of its tracks and leave little or no damage to the sections.  Usually there will be dents, in the case of steel doors, or cracks and splinters on wood doors.  These dents and cracks can sometimes be cosmetic and sometimes they are structural.  It may surprise you to know that structural damage may be easier to fix than cosmetic.  Quite often a door can be reinforced to perform pretty well but there isn’t much that can be done for most dents besides just pushing or hammering them out.  If the door is cracked or dented along the joints between sections it will require replacing whole sections.

Some manufactures are fairly reasonable about the cost of replacement section and others have such a high opinion of their product that section replacement becomes financially unrealistic. A good rule of thumb we use is: if more than two sections are damaged to the point that they need to be replaced you are approaching the cost of a new door.  It just depends on how emotionally attached you are to your old door. You might think replacing a couple of sections should be a lot less expensive than a whole door but it is something like buying your car a piece at a time at the parts counter; that would cost a fortune!

Only our customers know the limits of their finances, how much and how long they intend to use their door, and what they expect It to look like.  We are there to advise, offer options and solutions but in the end, it is your decision.

If you’re still not sure, be sure to call us at The Door Works. We can often tell what’s happening even over the phone.

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