Maintenance of your Garage Door

A list of things that the homeowner can adjust and maintain:

  1. Limits (all systems have limit controls) to tell the opener where to stop going up or down.
  2. Sensitivity adjustments (all systems have force controls) to tell the opener how hard to push before reversing or stopping.
  3. Safety tests to insure that all safety systems are working properly.
  4. Programming Transmitters or remotes, and programming keyless entry systems (numeric touch pads).
  5. Reconnecting the “Carriage” or “Traveler” after the door has been run manually.
  6. Check and make sure the door runs smoothly. Oiled, tightened, waxed. The best way to see how the door is running is to disconnect it from the opener and running it by hand so that you can “feel, see, and hear” how the door runs.
  7. How to check for balance.

NOTICE: Garage Doors operated by an automatic Garage Door Opener tend to works best when the door is adjusted to be slightly “heavy”. They tend to pull better than they push.


We do not recommend that you attempt to adjust the springs yourself. It can be very dangerous without the right tools or a correct understanding of your particular system.

For more information on how to perform the above mentioned homeowner repairs and adjustments, check out our supplier links page. Several of the manufactures maintain service centers with toll free numbers to help you through some of these procedures.
Toll free Service Numbers

Chamberlain/Liftmaster 1-800-528-6563
Genie 1-800-995-1111
Moore-O-Matic/Linnear 1-800-835-5666

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