New Garage Door Options

New Garage Door Options

New Garage DoorIt wasn’t that long ago that there were few design options for Garage Doors.  I remember going to “The Street of Dreams” home shows that featured beautiful upscale homes that had only simple steel raised panel Garage Doors that didn’t do much to enhance the look of the homes.

True, they were better than most of the one piece Garage Doors that were used back in the 50’s & 60’s but it was kind of a one size fits all approach.

Up to that point the only real options were basic wood panel and wood raised panel doors or steel doors. Steel Doors were limited to ribbed, doors that looked like they should be on a warehouse or Raised Panel Doors with a choice of a regular short raised panel or a long ranch panel.

All too often people that were tired of the common short panel doors that were popping up ever where in their neighborhoods would opt for a ranch panel just to have something different; and that’s just what they got; something different but they didn’t really fit the design or style of their house.

Old Garage DoorOccasionally some contractors would use a regular wood door and add some siding to get more of a custom look but all too often the original door was not designed to carry the added weight of the trim and siding; resulting in function and safety issues.

The quality of the wood supply also contributed to the challenges of wood doors.  On many of the old wood doors that we replace, we see high quality wood framing that currently has been replaced by wood with finger jointed wood that just doesn’t hold up as well.

Next came next the popularity of the Carriage House Door.  These fully customized wood doors could be made to suit almost any style house.  They were built like battleships to hold up against their own weight. They were beautiful but…..they were expensive, real expensive!

Recognizing the need for more options, Door Manufactures today are becoming more competitive by offering a broader range of reasonably priced steel doors options with a variety of configurations. To remain competitive other companies followed suit and today the race is on!

New Garage DoorsAlong with the standard raised panel designs now many companies offer vertical bead board looks, raised and recessed panels, flush and custom “carriage” options.

New wood grain paints and multi color paint options are creating doors with a custom look with low maintenance.  We can show you lots of different looks in our showroom in Bellevue.

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