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Buying a garage door can be a big “unknown” to most customers. Residential doors are very similar in design and looks. Construction of sections varies slightly, but isn’t a large enough factor to be a consideration. Most of the difference comes from the type of hardware that is mounted on the sections and also who installs the door.

We upgrade all of our doors with commercial grade hinges for smoother action and longer life. Our rollers have 11 bearings with a nylon casing on the metal parts for quieter running and years of trouble free operation. The rollers that come standard on others doors have a plastic tire with no bearings that can become gummy and cease to roll correctly.

The Door Works, Inc. has over 28 years experience in garage door installation. We always strive to provide the best door for your application and install it in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and your particular requirements.

It is our goal to provide you with complete customer satisfaction and a door that will give you years of trouble free service and one that will enhance the look and functionality of your home.

Replacing your Door

There is a wide variety of garage doors marketed today with doors made of wood, composites, plastics, metals, and even fiberglass. They vary in strength, style, color, and design. Some are insulated while others are not. Some of the old doors were the “one piece” or “tilt up” doors while most residential garage doors today are sectional overhead doors.

Along with all the variety comes a variety of prices. We offer two styles of Steel Raised panel doors that are attractive, serviceable and cost effective. These doors are made by Amarr and are of the highest quality. Check out the Amarr Door website below.

We also install the following doors made by these manufacturers:

  • Amarr
  • Wayne Dalton “You want a Wayne Dalton Door”
  • Holmes/Clopay Door Company “Excellence Since 1920”
  • Northwest Doors

New Garage Door Information

Raised Panel Door (non-insulated)

This is often referred to as a “pan door”. Nearly every manufacturer of steel doors has a similar design for applications where the need for insulation is not a factor.

On all doors that we sell and install we upgrade the hardware from residential grade hardware to commercial grade hinges and rollers. The biggest factor in how long a garage door lasts is how smoothly it runs. A poorly running door will fight itself and eventually pull itself apart. High quality rollers and hinges go a long way to prevent that from happening.

The “pan door” that we recommend is the Amarr Heritage 1000. Product information and technical details can be seen at Amarr Door’s website.

Raised Panel Sandwich Door (insulated)

We offer the Amarr Heritage 3000 for applications where there is a need for an insulated door. When a garage is heated, or when the garage is attached to the house and there is either a need to keep the cold out or the heat in, model 391 is a good option.

The 391 is a “sandwich door” which is constructed by laminating a polystyrene insulation between two layers of steel. With the raised panel design and the wood grain texture that is embossed into the steel it is a good looking door that is also durable.

Two layers of steel not only make it easy to keep clean but make it much stronger than a “pan door” that has only one layer of steel.

There are other types of insulated doors such as the foam injected doors that have a higher “R” vale but these doors are generally much more expensive and are not in our opinion as cost effective. Even the most energy efficient doors made have a “R” value of zero when the door is opened. Which means if you want to keep all your heat in or out you wouldn’t ever raise your door.

With all doors installed by The Door Works, upgraded hinges and rollers are included. We include in our prices torsion springs on all doors and offer 3” low headroom track, 12” and 15” radius standard track to insure that the doors operate as smoothly as possible. We also include on all doors a reinforcing strut that is required when a garage door opener is attached. This prevents damage to the door from the pull of the opener. Professional installation goes a long way to assure you that your new garage door will run properly and trouble free.

Why steel doors? Years ago wood doors were the standard in the industry and steel doors were only for commercial operations. This has changed and steel doors are now good looking, functional and more maintenance free than wood doors.

Because much of the good “clear” wood once used in garage door construction is now being used for export, many of the wood doors being manufactured today are made from finger jointed wood that doesn’t hold up when spanning wide areas. This is why so many wood garage doors sag in the middle with gaps on either side. We call these “smiling doors” even though most homeowners are not happy with them. We always recommend steel doors except for high-grade wood doors.

As it is our desire to provide you with the best quality doors that suit your needs we hope that you will choose us as your door company.

Carriage House Doors

Carriage house doors are designer doors that come in both steel and high quality wood. They are all customized to give you exactly the look you want.

Aluminum Doors

Doors that have traditionally been used for commercial use have now been modified to give certain architectural appeal. They look great on the right home.

Door options

Many types and styles of windows are available. They range from plain view windows to the Cathedral or sunburst designs. Some come in leaded glass, stained glass, or obscure glass.

Windows do add style and additional light to the garage, but they are a bit pricey. One consideration too is from a security point of view. With many types of windows people can see in to the garage and with breakage could gain access to the garage.


If your existing operator is in good working order it should work on the new door, if however it is old and not giving you the desired service that you needed it will not work any better on your new door. It is not required that a new opener be put on your new door. Our new openers do have all the latest safety features and this may need to be part of your buying decision. Please see Cost Effectiveness/Repair vs. Replacement under Opener repair to help you make an informed decision.

Low head track

Some garages are built with lower than normal clearance. Standard clearance requirements are 12 inches and above. Clearance less than 12 inches takes what is called low-head track; it as a double track system that allows installation in as short a space as 5 inches. In instances where we are replacing a one-piece (slab) door with a sectional door the clearances can be as low as one inch. In this case the opening would need to be framed down to give 5 inches of clearance.

Framing requirements

A sectional garage door is engineered to seal quite well. It is accomplished by settling down behind the door frame and coming to rest against the doorjamb. In order for this to happen the door frame must be flush on the inside all the way around the opening. There must also be enough wood in place to mount the track and torsion assembly.

A typical door frame setup

The inside measurements of the door frame should be the same as the door itself.

For example a door that is 9 feet wide and 7 feet high would fit in an opening that measures 9’x 7’. Headroom requirements vary. Optimum is 16 inches or more. This requires 15-inch radius track. Headroom of 12 to 15 inches requires 12-radius track. Headroom of 5 to 11 inches requires low-head track. If headroom is shorter than 5 inches the opening must be framed down to a height that allows for more that 5 inches.


Trim enhances all door installs. The trim that we stock is vinyl with a vinyl flap that seals against the door. It is attached to the wood around the opening of the door up each side and across the top. It is included in the price of our installed doors.


Doors come stock in a gloss white. They also come in dark brown, almond, and sandtone. Anything other than white must be ordered and can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. Most colors other than white don’t usually match the house perfectly and can be quite disappointing. We recommend white; it can always be painted to match the house if that is your desire.


Come in and see our new Showroom where you can get a better idea of the options of Color, Texture, Patterns, and materials that are available.  Sometimes there is no substitute for being able to touch and handle the samples.

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