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Sometimes it’s not cost effective to repair a customers garage door opener. We install new openers and carry both Linear and Chamberlain/Liftmaster garage door openers. We stock only the top of their lines but we can get all models available.

We stock only the top of their lines but we can get all models available as well as Operators from other manufactures.

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800 Newton Belt Lift…Price


DC Motor Belt Drive 8550 …. Price

DC Motor Jack Operator 8500 …. Price

More Opener Information

You can learn more about these openers by following the links to the Genie or Liftmaster website. Check out their site to help you decide which one will work best for your application.

Chamberlain is the largest manufacturer of residential garage door openers in the world. They manufacture for several companies including Sears/Craftsman.

Liftmaster is the brand name for their professional lines with solid one piece rails. (Most retailers prefer the sectional rails that can more easily be carried from the store).

Both Genie and Liftmaster have continually set the standard for innovation for other companies to follow. More than other companies, with changing technology and when improvements are made to their operators, these companies will accommodate earlier models so that new parts will work on older units. This keeps your garage door opener from becoming obsolete or unrepairable. Also the “homeowner adjustments” for force and limits are simple and easy to get to.

We warranty our installation and your new opener for one year from the date of installation. Liftmaster warranties the motors for 2 years on the 1/3 hp units and 4 years on the 1/2 hp units. Some of Genie’s models have a lifetime warranty on the motor units.

Garage door operators are fast becoming the norm in any household. They go a long way to simplifying our lives.

When adding a garage door opener to a garage door there are a few things to think about. What type of drive mechanism; chain, screw, or belt drive. Motors on residential operators generally come in 1/4 horsepower, 1/3 horsepower, or 1/2 horsepower, or 3/4 horsepower.

DC motors are fast becoming the new standard for power and quiet operator. New innovations include battery backups for power outrages and jack-shaft openers where ceiling obstructions make installation of “regular” operators impossible.

The height of the door also comes into play, for example if a 7’ operator is put on an 8’ door the door can only go up 7’.

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