Repair Openers

Repair Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair & Service

We carry a well-rounded selection of parts and do repairs on the majority of garage door openers on the market today.

Brands include:

  • Alliance
  • Allstar
  • Blue Max
  • Challenger
  • Chamberlain
  • Coast to Coast
  • Genie
  • Hercules
  • Lift-A-Door
  • Liftmaster
  • Linear
  • Lynx pro line
  • Moore-O-Matic
  • Overhead
  • Sears/Craftsman
  • Stan-O-Matic
  • Stanley
  • True Value
  • Vemco
  • Wayne Dalton

Some parts are common to a variety of manufacturers such as master links, capacitors, and chain dogs. It is best to call us to find out if we stock what you need.

Prices and Rates

Cost Effectiveness / Repair vs. Replacement

The length of time an operator will last depends on a number of things including manufacturer, model, frequency of operation, how well the operator has been maintained, and how well the door is balanced. It’s a little like trying to determine how long a car lasts. Some are lemons that really are never very good while others are 50 year old restored classics.

Sometimes manufactures maintain inventories of parts for many years while other times parts availability is discontinued after only a few months. These factors will generally help make the decision as to when it is better to repair or replace an existing garage door opener.

Pre 1993 Models
Another factor that may help you in deciding to replace rather than repair your garage door opener are the 1993 safety laws. Prior to the laws passed in 1993 Garage Door Operators were not required to have a safety sensor eye or a reversing edge, all models manufactured since that time must have one or the other of these safety devices.

This does not mean that all Garage Door Openers built before 1993 are unsafe because many of them already had 2 or 3 safety systems built into them and some even offered “eye beams”. The units built since 1993 are designed so the operator will not operate without the new system in place.

It would be unprofessional and illegal for a garage door company to attempt to override the safety systems. The new systems are however much more effective in providing safety where young children and pets are concerned.

Revolving Codes Technology
In the past several years many manufactures have responded to security concerns by offering a revolving code feature. The concern stems from the availability of a device called a “code grabber” which can electronically listen in when someone activates their garage door opener remote.

The activation code can then be memorized and reused later to gain access into the garage. Revolving code remotes foil this scheme by changing the code each time the door is activated so that a memorized code will not work for the next activation.

Although these security measures are available on most new garage door openers including Liftmaster, it is unlikely and quite rare that anyone would go to the trouble to break in using this technique.



Many models of new cars offer Car2You technologies. These systems that allow built in remote activation of your garage doors. They are a little complicated to set up but work well once they are. We are glad to walk you through the set up process.

New Technologies

Many new technologies are being added to the new Garage Door Openers.  The result is that Garage Doors are safer, more efficient, and more convenient than ever. LiftMaster’s new MyQ is a good example.  The MyQ® enabled LiftMaster® Internet Gateway is your simple solution for home control.

It utilizes two-way communication technology which allows you to connect to and control your garage door opener, gate operators, or home lights by using an Internet-enabled computer or mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Many models of Liftmaster Operators can be retrofit to take advantage the new technology.

Homeowner Maintenance
There are several things that a homeowner can do to maintain a garage door opener. Before making adjustments it is always advisable to service the door to be sure it is running smoothly. When a door starts reversing it is a good idea to give the door attention instead of just adjusting the force.

The symptom is the operator reversing while the cause of the problem is a poorly running door. It is amazing sometimes what a little oil on the rollers can do, or a little wax on the jambs, to make a door run smoother.

After servicing the door it is often not necessary to adjust the force at all. The more you crank up the force the less safe the door will be.

Several of the new Garage Door Openers utilize self setting force adjustments so it is more important than ever to make sure your door is running smoothly.

Phantom Operation
Some of the most frustrating garage door opener problems to diagnose are those that are intermittent. That is when everything seems to work properly some of the time but not all of the time. Phantom operation is one of these, it refers to the garage door operating without you pushing a button. It seems like magic but it is not.

The reason it is hard to diagnose is because it can be caused by so many different things such as a defective wall button or transmitter (remote), or an errant signal from a neighbors remote or airline or military transmission.

We’ve heard stories about garage doors mysteriously going up and down in the flight path of Air Force One or up on the ship canal when a carrier comes into port because of all their sophisticated electronic equipment.

A staple through a wire may only activate the door when the temperature is just right or a defective receiver printed circuit board may be defective.

Determining the cause of phantom operation is a process of eliminating possible causes one at a time and then waiting to see if the problem persists. It makes it hard to always be able to correct the problem in a single visit but a plan can be set up to isolate one system at a time until the cause is found.

Light bulb Problems
A common complaint for garage door opener owners relates to the light bulbs constantly burning out. Most garage door openers on the market have lights that come on when the operator is activated and time out after 3 to 5 minutes and go off automatically.

Several models have switches to allow use of the lights without running the garage door while some even have lights that are activated by motions sensors that automatically turn on the lights when you enter the garage.

Because of the vibration caused by the garage door opener raising a big door, many times the light bulbs burn out prematurely. A good solution is a vibration resistant light bulb like the ones mechanics commonly use on their trouble lights. They are sold as “rough service bulbs”, “Knock-a-bouts”, or even garage door opener light bulbs.

Be sure to check the manufactures recommendation for wattage. Too high wattage can create excessive heat that can damage the light covers or even the chassis itself and cause the bulbs to burn out too soon.

Some lightbulbs are “fat” near the base and make it difficult to get the most bulb to seat all the way down into the socket. If so, it is easiest to find a more narrow bulb.

There have been reports that LED light bulbs have been creating interference with the radio controls on Garage Door Operators; so if you suddenly have distance or range problems with your remotes check to see if new LED light bulbs have been installed anywhere in the vicinity. We even found LED Christmas lights causing some problems.

Good Rollers Make a Big Difference
Many of the rollers on garage doors are quite inexpensive and require a great deal of maintenance to work well. We carry a good quality 11 bearing roller with a nylon tire. While they still need periodic maintenance they will run much smoother and much quieter than the 7 bearing rollers or the plastic rollers with no bearings at all.

Warranty on Opener Repair
Our goal is customer satisfaction. We offer a 30 day warranty on all repairs to openers. This includes parts and labor. If, however something has gone wrong because of negligence on our part we will make it right. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau. Please click here to see our rating.

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