Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Replace Your Garage Door Opener

If you live in the Redmond area, there are some things you should know about how to replacing your garage door opener.

There are a few good reasons why you might need to replace your door opener rather than repairing it.

First, newer models have the latest safety and security features you need for to protect your home.

Next, it’s highly recommended to replace your opener if it doesn’t have a safety reversing feature or that feature doesn’t work any longer. The door should stop and reverse once the sensors have been triggered by any object while the door is closing.

Next, if your garage door makes noise when it operates, it might need replacement. You can first check the chains along with the chain drive. If this doesn’t help, you might consider replacing the entire unit for a new more quiet unit.

Next, many times power outages in our area prevent us from opening our garage doors. That can be a big inconvenience! With the latest models of garage door openers, some offer battery backup systems that kicks in once the power is out.

Another feature of new garage door openers is that you can get models that feature codes that change every time the door is used.

Using keypad for your garage door is also handy. These sync with your garage door opener and allows for keyless entry can be very convenient for you. In fact, some garage door openers even offer finger print scanning!

Remember to always upgrade your garage door system to enjoy the latest features for your family’s security and safety.

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