Who Put in these Garage Doors? The Door Works!

Who Put in these Garage Doors? The Door Works!

Where does all the time go?

Over the past twenty eight years in business we have been involved in just about every kind of Garage Door application you can think of.

We have done thousands of jobs from simple ‘over the phone’ repairs such as diagnosing a vacation switch being activated accidentally to the installation of some mammoth industrial Rolling Steel Doors.

We really do enjoy helping customers save the cost of a service call by walking them through simple adjustments.

New Garage Doors the Door WorksThe other day I was cleaning out some old trade magazines in a desk drawer and found an article about a project we did back in 2009.  It was the installation of some big custom made wood doors on The Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, WA.

The article was the cover story for issue 6 – 2009 of the International Door Association’s trade magazine Door & Operator.  The project involved twenty seven doors with several stationary panels mostly on the second floor of the Chandler building.

I’m pretty sure most of you don’t go around checking out Garage Doors like I do, but the New Garage Doors the Door Works Springs Materialsway these doors were used is very impressive; the whole Northwest Maritime Center is impressive.

It is a living museum where you can even build your own boat.  If you like boats I would recommend a trip to Port Townsend.  It’s a great little town with lots to see; a great weekend trip.

The magazine article praised Overhead Door Company for their foresight and innovation in coming up with the idea of using Garage Doors to segment off different work areas, classrooms, and hallways.

The article spoke in glowing terms about the architecture and aesthetics used in the design; the doors really are beautiful and match the theme of wooden boats and boat building.

There was much said about how Ranch House Doors, the subsidiary of Overhead Door Company that used to make Overhead Door’s wood Carriage House Doors, did this, that, and the other.

When we got the magazine in the mail we were so excited to see ‘our’ Doors on the cover.  We tore through the article and were dismayed to see that our company was not mentioned once.

Garage Door Repair the Door Works SpringsYou know when you spend two weeks killing yourself trying to make a deadline you would think you would get at least an honorable mention.

Well, it was a fun project, and we got paid.  There is a lot to be said for that.

We had to do quite a bit of on site engineering to make the doors function the way they should and those kinds of challenges are satisfying.

When I visit the museum I feel a little bit of swagger knowing about our part in making it all happen, and I try to forget how I felt each night after an eighteen hour day carrying literally tons and tons of doors up two flights of stairs.

I love this business.

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