Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is pretty much the heart of the garage door system. They are easily overlooked in favor of more obvious components, but they are easily the most important part of any unit. These complex pieces typically contain dozens of small parts that simultaneously work together to raise and lower the door consistently.

Do you require a belt drive or chain? Perhaps you are seeking a battery backup or smart features. Regardless of what you might need, Working Doors definitely offers the opener that your garage door needs to function as you desire.

The best brands of garage door openers on the market include Chamberlain, Linear, Liftmaster, and Craftsman. We take pride in our ability to say that Working Doors offers only top-notch items from these brands.

Belt Drive vs Chain Drive

Are you unsure whether you should get a belt drive or a chain drive? The first type of garage door opener is usually more quiet and typically easy to maintain. Aside from this, the system generally offers a smooth and durable operation.

On the other hand, chain drive garage door openers are affordable, dependable, efficient, and safe. They typically offer more power than the alternative. Their motors are pulled by a reliable and strong metal chain for improved longevity and lower maintenance costs.

Smart Technology

The upside of a smart garage door opener is that it functions like a regular garage door opener with the added bonus of wi-fi connectivity. This feature allows you to control and monitor the garage door remotely with the help of a smartphone app!

Battery Backup

Select models of car door openers come with battery backup included. It is also possible to add extra storage to certain units. With battery backup, you can still use the garage door even when the power is out. It is important to have one ready if you use the garage as an entrance to your home.

Speed and Horsepower

Our garage door openers have enough power ratings to meet the needs of any home. Feel free to choose anywhere from ½ to 1 ¼ horsepower. You can always trust the experts at Working Doors to work with you and determine which garage door opener is most appropriate for the garage door in your house.