Traditional Garage Doors

A garage door in the traditional style is excellent for people who want a minimalist approach to their home. Our collection of traditional garage doors is equipped with models that are timeless and durable.

We offer three styles for our traditional garage doors. Choose your pick between the Traditional Classic, the Traditional Plus, and the Traditional Max.

Traditional Classic

The Traditional Classic models have steel pieces with single, double, or triple layers to suit any budget and taste. On top of that, we offer a wide array of options when it comes to colors, hardware, and windows. This way, you can fully customize your garage to make your dream home a reality!

Traditional Plus

You might be interested in the Traditional Plus style. These garage door models are heavy-duty and customizable. We offer an enhanced warranty on these products. Working Doors offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the hardware and paint of this model.

Traditional Max

On the other hand, Traditional Max garage doors are ideal due to their excellent warranties and thick insulation. They are available in triple gauge steel and include the features and options available in the Classic and Plus units. Doors in this style come with an improved warranty package as well.

Get A Traditional Door for Your Home Now!

Working Doors is here to offer a multitude of custom colors, numerous financing options, free in-home pricing estimates, and limited lifetime warranties. You can count on our team to help with any and all of your concerns regarding garage doors. We offer financial assistance in the form of customizable plans. Send us a message and we can work something out together.