Garage Door Tune-Up And Maintenance

You might not have known that a garage door and the opener are composed of more than 300 moving parts! These components need to be synchronized to lower and raise the door. Without a doubt, the garage door is a complex piece of machinery. It, therefore, requires regular maintenance if you want to ensure that it operates properly.

When you go to Working Doors for a tune-up, we will send a specialist to inspect the mechanisms of your garage door. This will ensure that all the parts are working as they should. With a regular garage door tune-up, you can prevent any errors and emergencies in the future.

Garage Door Tune-Up


Our garage door tune-up services include the following:

  • 20-point maintenance and safety check
  • Diagnostic inspection with a focus on the counterbalance system, door sections, rollers, hinges, weather seals, and track
  • Checking and tightening of screws and bolts
  • Rebalancing of doors if necessary
  • Lubrication of the sprocket and chains of the garage door opener
  • Check for the alignment of the electronic eyes
  • Examination and adjustment of the safety and travel settings if necessary
  • Test the down force pressure of the garage door opener

Extra Fees

Please keep the following extra fees in mind when you go in for a tune-up:

  • Repair parts incur fees not covered by the service charge
  • Labor for part replacement will come with charges corresponding to the labor needed for the replacement of parts