Tips for Repairing the Garage Door

If you want to keep your garage door in good working shape, you must keep it well-maintained. You must get to the bottom of all problems before they arise!

These simple maintenance tasks are doable by the average Joe, but engaging a professional is always a good idea. In any case, learning a few garage door repair techniques would be beneficial.

Check for Dents and Damage

Use a rubber hammer to pound out small blemishes and bends. In case there is major damage, you might have to get a total replacement of the tracks.

Lubricate the Tracks, Rollers, and Pulleys

Grab some lubricating oil and use them on the rollers. Powdered graphite or a lubricant spray, on the other hand, will be helpful when it comes to treating pulleys and tracks.

Inspect Cables and Springs

We do not recommend fixing the cables and springs on your own unless you are a professional. Even so, you can visually inspect them several times a year. Keep an eye on any rust, fraying, or worn ends in the cables and springs.

Check Bolts, Nuts, and Fasteners

Conduct a regular visual inspection of the system. If there is any loose bolt, nut, or fastener, you should tighten it.

Inspect the Sensors

If you are struggling to open the garage door, this might be caused by a blockage in the photo eye sensor. This problem might be resolved by the removal of items away from the sensor in question.

Properly Align the Tracks

If the tracks are not level or aligned, you should loosen the mounting brackets and tap the tracks. In case there is an imbalance there, you can adjust them until they are finally aligned and leveled.

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