Hurricane Garage Doors

Do you actually know if the garage door at your house complies with national building codes? Unfortunately, even the vast majority of people in hurricane-ravaged areas will indeed be unaware. It’s a good thing we’re here to provide free hurricane garage door inspections exclusively for you.

At Working Doors, we want the members of the community to be safe. So many homes that get destroyed by hurricanes can attribute the damage to their substandard garage doors. According to the Florida Alliance for Safe Homes, 80 percent of the damage brought on by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 was the result of wind entering through the garage door.

After the aforementioned natural disaster, Florida established guidelines to keep the residents of the state safe. Unfortunately, not many people understand the processes that go into this. Even worse, they have no idea just how vulnerable they are to hurricanes and other natural calamities.

A lot of residents are confused by all the building codes and have no idea how to keep themselves safe. Our program lets residents in these areas have a free inspection of their garage doors. We want their homes to meet the building code for their respective area. If the garage door does not, the inspector will inform the resident of the small missile impact resistance and wind load necessary.

We want to emphasize that we have launched this program as a service to the general public. It is absolutely free to take advantage of this inspection. However, homes that require an upgrade can get a free estimate on the replacement service. In any case, you do not have to go through with it if you do not feel that it is necessary. You will be under no obligation whatsoever by joining the program.